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Has anyone tried putting the Malekko power in a 3u 104hp case? From the specs there should be enough room, but I’m not quite sure if it will be to tight with cables and all.
I’ll want expand to two rows in the future so it would be nice to invest in a good power supply from the beginning.

3U full of LZX modules would be too much. Malekko Power is suitable for up to 208HP. Budget about +/-10mA per HP for LZX systems.

Have had terrible reports about switching noise from the Trogotronic.

@creatorlars think you’re mixing up 3u and 3 rows here

@jkbh - as lars said it’s good for 208hp, it’ll be fine for 104hp

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Yes, you’re right, I meant 3x 3U rows. So with 104HP rows, that’s 312HP. Recommended you power this with two powered boards supplying at least around 1.5A each.

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MDLR are using a different power supply now and are no longer offering the Doepfer PSU3 option. I just got off the phone with him and he said the new power supply for the Performer series Pro (Meanwell GSM60A18-P1J with MDLR PWR 45W powered buss boards) is actually less noisy than the Doepfer. Can anybody confirm that this is a good choice for video synthesis?
And what would be a good ‘torture test’ to check the suitability of a modular case for video?

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I see now that with only 1.2A on the -12V rail, like the Doepfer PSU3, it would be a bit light for 208HP anyway :frowning:

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I’m looking for an acceptable power solution for 2 rows of 42hp of LZX modules. By the old 10mA per HP rule, that works out to just 840mA per rail, I believe. Though based on example configurations I’ve put together in modulargrid, it likely will actually need less than 600mA per rail no matter what configuration of modules I put in, so dipping a little below the 840mA spec should be OK.

Since it’s a smaller case, the size matters. The internal measurements are roughly 8.5" (216mm) wide by 10.5" (267mm) tall, which rules out both the Malekko Power and the Zeus Studio Bus. The Doepfer A-100PSU3 technically can fit, but I’m a bit concerned about the space it’ll take up (less possible depth for an entire row) and the possible heat it’ll generate, given those big heat sinks. I’m making the case myself, so I can make the depth whatever I want, but I’m also hoping to make it as shallow as I can while still housing some Cadets and some Expedition. I think a good size would be one of the power-supply-in-a-module ones which I can make a spot for in the side or back of the case (to save on HP), like a 4ms Row Power or Tip Tip uZeus, but are any of those adequate for video? (I’ve seen mixed comments here about some Row Powers…)

Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone tried making such a tiny system before? I guess I’ll settle for not-quite-ideal power cleanliness as long as it’s not terrible, since it looks so far like that might be my only choice.

PSU modules like Row Power will likely be too noisy for use with a video synth. Maybe the Intelligel 30W PSU will work for you? I have no idea how clean it is but I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t an improvement over a power module. Another option might be an external PSU. Maybe a Doepfer in another box?

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BTW, the Row Power 40 is definitely too noisy for me to use with a video synth. Not recommended at all!

Not sure how clean they are but befaco do very low profile power solutions (excalibus and lunchbox) the lunchbox might fit - I’m intending to build an excalibus as my next power supply and test it - but that probably won’t be early next year sometime - I’d be interested if anyone else has tried these power solutions - are they too noisy?

another possibility would be to house the actual PSU (say the PSU3) in a separate case and run the power to the case/bus board (addac are/were doing this)

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From the schematics, it looks like those two Befaco options use the exact same circuitry, so I’m very interested to know how your Excalibus tests go, even if it’s after I’ve made my case.

made the same experience as @nerdware , im using a row power but its somehow noisy. Not that big problem for me atm because my modular is paired with glitch-hardware but i want to improve that in future… hope the malekko power will be avaiable again soon… or i will go with doepfer

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Yeah, I made loads of glitchy feedback videos on Row Power. Its less noticable there, and maybe even a little useful, but you don’t have any choice in the matter. You get the noise whether you want it or not. Now I do not want it. YMMV.

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what power solution do you use now?

My main cabinet is a 12U rack and uses a pair of Malekko PSUs. I’m currently waiting for more to arrive in the UK so I can power a second cabinet. However, I have some LZX modules working well in a Mantis case. When I have the money and the one shop in the UK that sells Vessels gets a new shipment, I can buy one and move the modules from the Mantis to the Vessel.

ok thx, hope i can pickup a Malekko one here in germany soon

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Hi - I use my Row Power 40 with a LIBB and it’s super clean!


Does anyone have a visual example of the noise that you’re talking about, from whatever case/power situation? I’m trying to assess how much my LZX setup is afflicted by this. I’ve been using a Make Noise skiff and haven’t had any complaints so far, but maybe I’m just not seeing what you’re seeing.


i will check out the libb, but its also not available here in germany for now :expressionless:

for me its not really noise, more some kind of small edges i would say… the shapes are not 100% smooth, hard to describe…i will make a visual example when i have some time. But i also have trouble with crosstalk between some audio modules

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