All About Stairs

Stairs is a six stage waveshaper and voltage controlled amplifier.

LZX Gen3 Design Standards

  • Long lifespan pots, jacks and mechanical switches.
  • Active switching and gain control of the entire signal path.
  • Integrated ultra low noise power supplies.
  • Powered via 12V DC barrel or EuroRack power header.
  • Mounting depth 42mm max, with either power option installed.


  • 8HP EuroRack Module
  • Max Depth: 32mm
  • Power +12V @ 210mA


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I know that the RGB inputs are weighted re Rec 709 to the single rectifier circuit. But are the input jacks normalled?

I.e. if I patch a single input into the R jack, does that get multiplied by 0.21 and passed to the rectifier? Or does that signal normal through to the G and B inputs, thus giving a full strength signal to the rectifier?

If the jacks are not normalled, then I assume in order to get full 0 to 1 voltage from a monochrome signal, I have to send it through an active mult before it hits the STAIRS inputs?

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Good question. The RGB jacks are indeed normalled. Plugging into only the R jack will automatically cascade down.


Awesome, I thought that’s what I was seeing on Nick’s Twitch stream but wanted to check.


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The graphics also indicate the normalled routing, with a vertical line between inputs.


@Rik_bS Oh yeah, I should have seen that. It’s subtle but it’s there.

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@Z0NK0UT Hey Chad, can we update all of the Gen3 descriptions to list the power consumption? Critical information for system building. I know it’s been a whirlwind trying to get stuff out the door. If you or someone could take a few minutes to update the “All About…” pages, as well as the home page descriptions, your customers would be grateful. :slight_smile:


Moved power discussion to a new thread: Gen3 Utility Power Issues