All About SMX3 Matrix Mixer

SMX3 Matrix Mixer is a 3 X 3 matrix mixer with dedicated active polarizers per input.

SMX3 features:

  • Any - to - any colorspace conversion.
  • Colorspace component mixing.
  • Patch in monochromatic sources seamlessly via switched RGB input jacks.


  • What does the switch on the rear of SMX3 do?

The switch indicated above selects DC barrel power in the leftward position and Eurorack power in the rightward position.


  • Width, 12HP
  • Mounting Depth, 42mm
  • Power +12V @ 175mA


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@creatorlars posted this is from another forum thread. Probably should be in this one as well. Cheers!

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Maybe the matrix mixer is a good module to build an example from. For the sake of creating conversation about what would make the All About posts more complete, let’s discuss this type of visual reference.

Do you think it stands well on it’s own? Does it need a minimal but clarifying prompt? Would it be best to have a potentially complicated example for each module?

I ask because I am interested in our development of more complete and useful documentation.

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@7pip, thank you for starting this thread. I was genuinely surprised that LZX didn’t post an “All About SMX3” thread earlier.

As far as what I shared, as mentioned I didn’t originally post, so I’m not the best to answer about its visual format. However, basic technical info, like the power switch, or conversion settings, should definitely be included. Maybe “patch programmable” module functions, like the 4-quadrant multiplier on the bridge would be relevant as well. Past LZX manuals have illustrated the function blocks of the circuit. Those could be useful in understanding how each module works.

There are virtually limitless combinations of module functions. The forum already has something of a “try this” or recipe threads. Maybe that’s where the different patches between modules could be documented.

With Gen3 function blocks in mind, it might be interesting to see what would be needed to recreate different video synths, or their functions, like the Scanimate. Dedicated threads like that could help people decide what kind of system they want to have.