All About Matte

Matte is a DC offset generator optimized for selection of two RGB colors.

LZX Gen3 Design Standards

  • Long lifespan pots, jacks and mechanical switches.
  • Active switching and gain control of the entire signal path.
  • Integrated ultra low noise power supplies.
  • Powered via 12V DC barrel or EuroRack power header.
  • Mounting depth 42mm max, with either power option installed.


  • 8HP EuroRack Module
  • Max Depth: 32mm
  • Power +12V @ 50mA


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Testing my unit #8 and wondering if channels should still show through at 0 setting? Running one mp into A and a second MP into B. With either channel at full 0 I still see both in the a+b output into a visual cortex. Is this expected?

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I think the outs labeled A+B are actually (A+B)/2

Shouldn’t that still give you black? (0V + 0V) / 2 = 0

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Maybe that’s a result of the 2% variance of the components?

There are no inputs on Matte – all 9 jacks are outputs, it’s meant to be used as just static voltage sources (matte color selector). So you would patch it to Memory Palace as an input, rather than from the outputs.


Or your #8 is a Proc & your question is related to that @Dr_Rek?
Unless a set of the outputs (A or B 3x jacks) of Matte will spill over a signal that has been inputted into that channel. The input & output ohms are definitely very different, 499 compared to 10k if I’m not mistaken, but perhaps there’s no adverse affect when an input signal or signals simply pass through from the A & B outputs to the A+B outputs.

This makes much more sense now! Dual color generator, outputs only, should be in the initial description more specifically. I missed the design language of the jacks too :rofl:. Makes better sense how I can use it with FKG3 now. :crazy_face::vulcan_salute: and I guess I found a secret function too, thanks to the LZX inputs handling outputs :joy::ok_hand:


It’s a new feature! Ship it!


Yep! Using them as inputs should just be passively mixing two signals into a 499R load, which I don’t really see an issue with. If you mult out those same signals, it could get confusing in the patch though.

Matte is a module concept I was resistant to for a while, because it’s so simple. But it’s definitely been a missing function block if you look at the system itself top-down – and it increases the patchability of a rig quite a bit. Try it as an FKG3 expander to turn it into a 2-layer colorizer. Feed Matte into the A & B channels (now it is a 2x color value selector) and your video source into the Key channel.


Thank you for workflow description :pray:, two color colorizer witb FKG3 is why I bought it. But I’m sure I’m going to find more uses too. :crazy_face::+1:

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