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About the Forum 1 July 16, 2018
Glitch Video Experiments aboard the Tremendm_Labs Space Station 10 May 24, 2019
Setting up a system 4 May 23, 2019
Routing Diagram Discussion & Post Your Signal Flow Chart 9 May 23, 2019
Small CRT displays worth the trouble? 7 May 22, 2019
Cadet II RGB encoder ground question
7 May 22, 2019
LZX Patchable Standard Reference Design Schematics
7 May 21, 2019
Wow - So Memory Palace Can Work Standalone? 6 May 21, 2019
Navigator+shapechanger center of rotation 5 May 21, 2019
Capture and recording interface recommendations

Please post your recommendations and reviews of capture and recording devices, along with notes on setup that may be helpful to other users. At LZX Industries we love the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle. While some device…

12 May 21, 2019
Complimentary Software 8 May 21, 2019
Basic pattern patching and module suggestions 3 May 19, 2019
What can be used with the Escher Sketch and how does it function without a screen memory module? 4 May 19, 2019
Cadet V Scaler BOM error for voltage reference, +/-5V to 0-1V [fixed]
16 May 18, 2019
LIVE RIGHT NOW • 🎥 Post / Find Live Stream Links Here 2 May 18, 2019
Triple Function Generator project
9 May 16, 2019
Prismatic Ray no ribbon cable 5 May 16, 2019
Differentiator VC Feedback Project
21 May 15, 2019
LZX Modules best suited for glitch 7 May 15, 2019
Vidiot...and then? 7 May 14, 2019
Vidiot s-video output 5 May 12, 2019
Workflow Advancement 11 May 12, 2019
Syncing Audio Oscillators to Vidiot 7 May 12, 2019
Cadet/Castle build notes
9 May 9, 2019
Vidiot Patches Gallery 2 May 9, 2019
Visual Cortex pre-encoder expander
47 May 6, 2019
Oscilloscope recommendations for video electronics
14 May 6, 2019
Xaoc - Zadar for video 6 May 6, 2019
Doubling Up On Modules 10 May 3, 2019
Cadet & Castle module builders list and build requests

If you’re looking for someone who can build a Cadet or Castle module for you, reply to this thread or contact one of the individuals in the list below. Here’s a list of electronics builders willing to build Cadet and Ca…

12 May 1, 2019